Newest Edition!

Last week I traveled to Seville, Spain, to work with some Spanish Greyhound (Galgo Espanol) rescues (more to come on that in a later post!).

In one of the larger rescues I walked by literally hundreds of dogs my first day with another volunteer. I wasn’t looking to adopt, unless one made a strong connection. Well, this little one wormed her way into my heart. I just stopped at her run and said “I like this one!” I took her out for a walk and she was incredibly sweet. As I was in the main office talking to the shelter coordinator about our project dogs for the week (volunteers work with timid or scared dogs to socialize them and I helped a bit with veterinary matters too) the galgo I had out, Reina (meaning “queen”) climbed on to my lap. OK, manipulative! I knew I would be bringing her home then. She will arrive in May!



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